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A: Yes. You decide which option for which level of support to pay for an answer. You will then receive your answer from one of our experts.

A: Legal Expert complies with all principles of the Data Protection Act. Your personal data will be stored in the UK. Any information supplied by you will only be used to administer your question with Legal Expert. We do not sell or trade data with any third parties, unless you ask us to in writing. The only information we require is a valid email address in order to send you your answer.

A: The founder of Legal Expert has many years of experience working in the voluntary sector and has experienced the public service cuts and the impact this has had on individual’s access to legal representation.

A: Legal Expert covers all areas of UK law including the following areas: Residency Order, Employment Law, Divorce, Commercial Law, Neighbour Disputes, Landlord Advice, Tenant’s Rights, Consumer Rights, etc

A: Your questions will be answered by a member of the Legal Expert Team.

A: For many scenarios there is not a black and white answer and an individual’s circumstances can vary the advice given. All responses will be given taking into account all the facts/ information provided. Please refer to our t & c’s.

A: We aim to have all questions answered within a couple of hours or at worst within twenty four hours. This may be the case if your question requires additional research or the Legal Expert may require additional information.

Question and Answer

Question & Answer

A straight forward answer to a straight forward legal question.

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Summary Answer

Summary Answer

When you require a more detailed answer to a more detailed legal question.

Get the ‘Peace of Mind’ and clarity you require from knowing your legal options

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Full Answer Legal Advice

Full Answer

When you require a comprehensive answer to a more complex and detailed legal question.

Peace of mind and clarity from knowing all your legal options and a recommended solution

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