How LegalExpert Works

Legal-Expert-How-it-WorksLegal Expert is a simple, easy to follow way of accessing legal answers.

1) Choose from option 1, option 2 or option 3 depending on the level of support required.

2) Enter your email address and type in your question.

3) Click submit.

4) Payment is made through Paypal.

5) Confirmation of payment will be sent to your email address. Legal Expert will also receive notification of payment.

6) A member of the Legal Expert team will receive your question and respond accordingly to the option you have selected sending the answer to the email you originally provided.

Question and Answer

Question & Answer

A straight forward answer to a straight forward legal question.

Get the ‘Peace of Mind’ and clarity you require to resolve that niggling legal issue

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Summary Answer

Summary Answer

When you require a more detailed answer to a more detailed legal question.

Get the ‘Peace of Mind’ and clarity you require from knowing your legal options

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Full Answer Legal Advice

Full Answer

When you require a comprehensive answer to a more complex and detailed legal question.

Peace of mind and clarity from knowing all your legal options and a recommended solution

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