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Please see below an example of a question which could be asked and an example of how Legal Expert would respond.

Example Question: How can I as an employee raise a grievance?

Example Answer: A grievance is a way for an employee to raise an issue with their employer, who must then respond. In general this involves the employee writing a letter to their employer, setting out their concerns and stating that the letter is to ‘raise a grievance’. The employee should first find out whether their employer has their own grievance procedure, for example in a staff handbook or intranet, or by asking the Human Resources (HR) department if there is one.

If there is no specific grievance procedure, an employee can raise a grievance by setting out, in writing, the nature of the complaint. It is also a good idea to include how the employee would like this resolved.

There is no set form of wording for a grievance, but it should be clear and stick to the facts.

Unless a grievance procedure states otherwise, the grievance should be sent to the employee’s manager. If the complaint is about the manager, it should be sent to another manager or the HR department if there is one. In small firms, there may not be another manager to raise the grievance with. If this is the case, the manager should treat the grievance fairly and objectively, even if it concerns them.