Privacy Policy

Definitions in this Policy are the same as in our Terms and Conditions except if required under any law, by Court order or on the instructions of any law enforcement agency, or to facilitate paying money or receiving any payment, we do not share User’s, Expert’s or any other party’s details (You) with anyone else or between each other.

Even if you or they consent, we may still decline to divulge such information without being liable in any way whatsoever for not doing so. All information we have about You is held on a secure server and it is used for the purposes of administering this site only. Any of Your personal details which You have given to a financial institution in order to make a deposit with Legal Expert including but not limited to Worldpay PayPal or any other Bank or Credit Card company will be used in accordance with that organisations own privacy policy and terms and conditions which You must agree to before being able to use that facility. We will not be liable for any losses whatsoever suffered through any fault of any such financial institution, organisation, company or bank or anything beyond our reasonable control. We do reserve the right to use any question or answer in promotional material and advertising but we will not divulge Your name without Your permission in writing. You are under no obligation to grant such permission.

We only want You to receve communications from us that you want to receive. By using Legal Expert you agree to receive emails from time to time which Legal Expert believes contain valuable and useful information. You can opt out of receiving these emails at any time by pressing the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email or contacting Legal Expert directly. We will then endeavour to remove your details with 48 working hours but you may receive some emails meanwhile for which we apologise.