Why LegalExpert Exists

Legal-Expert-Why-We-ExistLegal Expert is a response to the cuts in the provision of Legal Aid and those who simply cannot afford to pay £200 per hour for a high street Solicitor by providing access to affordable legal answers online. Also, more local County Court offices are closing, with access by limited appointment slots.

The founder of Legal Expert has many years of experience working in the voluntary sector and has experienced the public service cuts and the impact this has had on individual’s access to legal representation.

In the House of Commons on the 11th November 2014, Heidi Alexander, the Labour MP for Lewisham East, said that since the government “took the axe to Legal Aid” rising numbers of people representing themselves in court were “clogging up the courts, costing time and costing money.” She asked the government to reveal how many people had acted as so called “litigants in person” in the first 6 months of this year compared to the same period 4 years ago. The government is aiming to cut the 2 billion a year Legal Aid budget by a whopping £220 million per year until 2018.

Legal Expert exists to bridge the gap between those who can afford to pay high costs for legal advice and those who cannot by providing access to UK Law Professionals.

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Question & Answer

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Summary Answer

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Full Answer

When you require a comprehensive answer to a more complex and detailed legal question.

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